Auditing, Consultancy & planning advice

Helping you make every controlled risk a new development opportunity

GALLICE is able to conduct full audits of existing situations and also step in upstream of action to be taken.

GALLICE contributes added value to both strategic aspects and application on an operational level.


  • Site and personal protection audits
  • Audits of organisations (procedures, crisis management plans, internal operations plans, etc.)
  • Audits of current regulations and standards
  • Audits of information protection vulnerability


  • Integration of safety/security dimensions into the overall  corporate management processes and systems of governance
  • Identification and assessment of risks during the conception phase of strategic projects
  • Drafting of general risk management policies linked to safety


  • Assistance with organisation of safety/security function within companies (head offices or subsidiaries)
  • Setup of indicators and indicator charts to steer safety/security activity and optimise resources
  • Development of risk mapping, drafting and implementation of crisis management plans
  • Drafting of master plans and safety action plans
  • Safety engineering and development of integrated solutions
  • Assistance with safety matters for project management
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