Business security

Legal retaliation to an illegal attack – legitimate business self-defence

To ensure business security is to preserve the products and values of a company against the risks associated with unfair competition, forgery and fraud

This means controlling the protection of strategic information for business development purposes

GALLICE’s approach covers all of the components that enable these values to be protected (legal standing, confidentiality, availability, traceability, financial control, control of cashflow, management of stocks of securities, etc.).

It is legal retaliation to an illegal attack
It is legitimate business self-defence

GALLICE offers its skills and expertise to safeguard your company’s essential data, by developing two areas of action:

  • défensive action to protect the company’s intangible assets and company expertise
  • offensive action to maintain control over information and enable companies to fight on equal ground with their competitors in the global arena

Criminal crisis management

Protection of company expertise and sensitive information

  • Development of a global risk prevention policy
  • Handling of the legal and contractual aspects of relations with employees, customers, suppliers and partners,
  • Knowledge capitalisation approach.

Gathering and control of information

  • Scanning for specific intelligence (market sector studies, financial information, official publications, protection and filing of patents, etc.),
  • Global analysis of the overall issue to enable targeted investigations.

Protection of intangible assets from forgery and counterfeiting

  • Definition and optimisation of the industrial property policies (patents, trademarks and patterns),
  • Control over the legal aspects of intellectual property.
  • Identification and neutralisation of counterfeiters and production and distribution circuits, in liaison with the authorities,

Fraud and Forensic Analysis

  • Prevention of offences
  • Vulnerability study
  • Compiling of tangible indicators and proofs
  • Fight against fraudulent practices against the client/company or its senior management (unpaid items, insurance fraud, corruption, attempts at extortion, blackmail, etc.)
  • Expert appraisals carried out on request of instructing magistrates for tribunals and judicial inquiries

Information and Communication Systems

  • Protection against data theft, diffusion of sensitive information and unavailability of information
  • Network, internet cyber security and personal data protection
  • Optimisation of information system protection policy

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