Maritime security

Risk prevention and management; certification of ports and ships; maritime protection

GALLICE assists shipping operators from the audit phase (Recognized Security Organisation) through to protection of ships in high-risk zones

GALLICE has always provided its insight to institutions concerning changes that should be made to French legislation relating to private maritime security companies. GALLICE’s strategic intelligence department is a partner of Marine & Océans, a French magazine and website ( GALLICE is an ICOC signatory company and is a member of the French Maritime Cluster.

Maritime protection

Our goal is to guarantee the physical safety of personnel and protect the vessels of shipping operators that navigate in high-risk zones.From audits to armed protection, Gallice offers comprehensive, durable and ethical solutions in full transparency with international authorities and the governments of countries in which it operates.

  • Preparation of ships.
  • Onboard armed Protection Teams.
  • Security escort vessels (Gallice has its own escort vessel, the Libecciu).
protection maritime
protection maritime

Improving maritime sovereignty

GALLICE assist States in strengthening their security and their maritime safety and accompanies the strengthening of sovereignty over their territorial waters :

  • assistance with the design of a national maritime law and national or regional response plans
  • Strengthening sea action capacities (coastguard function , coastguard , navy … ) and ports
  • Creating control units against crime, against terrorism and maritime piracy
  • Specific training modules (safety / security of ports, high seas , crew, emergency response teams , public authorities … )

In 2011, GALLICE was the first French company to propose armed on-board protection teams, in a professional capacity, for the benefit of shipowners of all nationalities.

Thanks to the good relations we maintain with numerous sovereign states, we can guarantee a capacity to operate in complete transparency or in collaboration with these States. GALLICE possesses all necessary permits, approvals and clearances to transport and store arms in numerous countries of the Indian Ocean and Gulf of Guinea regions, and more particularly in the following countries:Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Seychelles, Maldives, Madagascar… GALLICE is also capable of deploying customised solutions for other countries or other regions of the world. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

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