Protection of property

Security of industrial sites, residential areas, oil, gas and mining rigs and operations

Guaranteeing the security of property means giving companies and their staff the best possible living conditions to fulfil their work, irrespective of the environment, be it familiar or hostile.

GALLICE offers all its experience and skills in order to control the environment, qualify the situation and provide the appropriate response.

GALLICE is able to take upstream action to develop integrated solutions in an endeavour to optimise future security spending..

Infrastructure security

(Industrial sites, residential premises, accommodation areas, oil platforms, gas or mining operations etc.)

  • Identification and assessment of risks
  • Vulnerability tests
  • Deployment of protection and surveillance systems
  • Specialised dog-handling teams , notably in the detection of explosives

Operational management in hostile areas

  •  Identification and assessment of risks
  • Appointment of Security Managers
  • Secondment of specialist teams
  • Activity guidance and continuous risk assessment
  • Continuous contact with the GALLICE « support base »

Assistance at the infrastructure conception phase

(cities, districts, buildings, stadiums, airports, manufacturing plants)

  • General concepts of safety/security for smart cities and/or smart buildings
  • Global safety/security policy (networks, infrastructures, personnel etc)
  • Provision of safety/security expert in the project management team
  • Project management
conception infrastructures
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