No-place for Frédéric GALLOIS, immense satisfaction for GALLICE

Frederic Gallois, co-founder and former partner of GALLICE, has been completely cleared by the French courts after almost 5 years of proceedings in the context of an investigation into Michel Tomi.
In the margins of this investigation, Judge Serge Tournaire questioned the position held by Frédéric Gallois in a project fulfilled by GALLICE, for the benefit of the Republic of Mali. From the outset, Colonel Gallois, former commander of GIGN, had proclaimed his innocence and underlined the frequency of these types of projects by GALLICE. GALLICE is now delighted that Frédéric Gallois’ innocence has been recognised.

On a personal level, the partners, management and employees at GALLICE nevertheless regret deeply the damage done to Frédéric Gallois’ reputation, the very heavy price paid by his family and the personal damage inflicted on him. Throughout these five years, GALLICE have supported Frédéric Gallois and join with him now in rejoicing this outcome. GALLICE also celebrates the restoration of their reputation following this misplaced investigation. The companies of GALLICE are engaged on a daily basis in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East in the protection of companies’ heritage, the support of international organisations and the reinforcement of the public capacities of states.