Personal security

Protection of individuals and their immediate environments

The protection of the individual implies a global perspective of the risks

This involves not just the protection of the physical person, but also their tangible assets, reputation and peace of mind.

GALLICE ensures the security of its clients on a permanent or occasional basis, worldwide. We offer solutions particularly tailored to difficult situations (direct or significant threats, conflict zones, with absolute discretion). Our teams rely on their skills, methods and experience mastered over time.

This expertise is especially beneficial to people such as company directors and decision makers in high risk zones, expatriates and their families, business travelers, journalists and official delegations. GALLICE can also ensure your security in tense situations (social conflict, areas of possible compromised security, etc.)

Relevant analysis, appropriate response


  • Situations liable to compromise the safety of individuals
  • The company’s geopolitical and geostrategic environment
  • Current issues affecting the people to be protected
  • Internal risk


  • Potential crisis situations (terrorism, kidnapping, blackmail, political crises)
  • Evacuation plans
  • Crisis management procedures (crisis unit, communication)


  • Provision of teams of experts (detection, support staff, drivers)
  • Close protection in high-risk zones
  • Secure escort
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